Shelter Charity

Initiative benefits Shelter charity

Peregrine Mears Architects started supporting the work of Shelter in 2010 through the RIBA’s ‘Architect in the House’ scheme.  That meant us giving our time for free to homeowners looking to build, extend or alter their home and wanting advice and inspiration from a Chartered Architect. In return they made a donation to Shelter This scheme ran for a period of one month each year and we enjoyed being able to use our professional skills to do something positive for the cause of homelessness.  

After a few years, we decided to adopt the approach for every new domestic project enquiry we receive.  So as a matter of course, we now offer prospective clients the option of a free initial site visit from an RIBA Chartered Architect and a discussion of up to 1 hours duration in return for a £75 donation to Shelter. That way, if nothing comes of the enquiry to us, some good is still achieved. Plus prospective clients feel more comfortable making a donation to a worthy cause. 

Initially we simply asked clients to make a donation direct to Shelter, but over the past 18 months or so we have set up a Just Giving page to monitor donations.  As of today we’re pleased to say this has raised £1,005 for Shelter. Here is one finished project that started as such an enquiry!

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