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  • Class Q Permitted Development

    An Introduction to Class Q Permitted Development

    Development of a home in the countryside is for many a mere dream. For some it is a challenge; Class Q permitted development can make it a challenge which can be overcome, and those dreams realised. Class Q appeared in 2013 which, subject to compliance with various regulations allows some agricultural buildings to be used…

  • Self-build architect Barnstaple

    Planning your self-build project

    A self-build architect in Barnstaple is invaluable when starting to plan your self-build project is exciting and perhaps daunting. Here are a few pointers but appointing an architect to your team will ensure you have the right advice through the design, planning and build stages of your development. A few initial considerations. 1 Clarify your thoughts. Your…

  • Happy clients give architects a nice surprise!

    We all like to feel appreciated for what we do in our working lives and a recent nice surprise from happy clients certainly was appreciated by the Peregrine Mears Architects team. Aside from the satisfaction of a job well done, it’s always nice to get a genuine thank you from a satisfied client. So we…

  • Home Improvement

    7 ways to improve your home

    Home improvements – fabulous projects “An Englishman’s home is his / her castle”, a centuries old adage, capturing how we view our homes. We strive to join the housing ladder. Our family situations and needs change, as do styles and fashions.  As architects we are often asked by clients to help with home improvements and…

  • Treehouse

    Devon quality eco staycation project

    Recent research by Barclays Mortgages has revealed that the south west is the clear winner when people were asked where they wanted to live, with most wishing to move from London and the midlands. In truth, to those already living in the west country this comes as no surprise. The natural beauty of the Devon…

  • Homebuilding & Renovating

    The Ark featured in ‘Homebuilding & Renovating’

    “We have real passion for our clients’ projects; all of them. We invest ourselves fully and love to see the fruits of everyone’s efforts and the realisation of our clients dream, non-more so than with The Ark Ashford Near Barnstaple North Devon for our clients David & Penny Clapp” said Perry Mears of Peregrine Mears…

  • Peregrine Mears Architect

    Barn Conversions in Devon for Holiday Complex

    Today was a wonderful day for a site visit and where better than the glorious North Devon coast where we have a substantial barn conversions project for a national client. The first phase involves refurbishing and altering a complex of 10 traditional barns, to form 15 holiday cottages. Before we can start the main part…

  • Building Project

    5 things to consider when planning your project

    Your project is probably the culmination of much thought, perhaps over years. Now you’re now about to realise your dream. Peregrine Mears Architects work closely with clients to consider these things and more, helping you to realise your dream, hopefully exceeding expectations.

  • And then Mr Wright came along!

    As architects we strive to inspire. There’s no Standard Operating Procedure or RIBA module as part of our qualification but this is often the edge. Practice Director Peregrine Mears reflects on his architectural inspirations. There are many; the first was Mr Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright.