Class Q is changing. Opportunities for larger, individual dwellings are limited. Act now!

What do you think of when someone refers to a barn conversion? Nowadays these can range from traditional stone barns through to modern, steel framed buildings and more.  The opportunities are huge.

An awareness of the principle of Class Q permitted development rights, allowing the conversion of former agricultural buildings to residential dwellings, is generally well known; perhaps less so is what’s just happened to change the regulations and the implications. The new criteria for permitted development under Class Q have been changed significantly, and for some, the impact could be significant, depending on plans and aspirations.

Class Q
Talk with one of the PMA team about the new and transitional Class Q regulations.

In essence, now up to ten dwellings can be created, a 100% increase in number from the previous five, increasing the floor area for conversion to 1,000 m2 (10,763 sq ft). A dramatic difference is that now, despite the increase is the maximum overall size of the development, a upper limit per dwelling of 150 m2 (1,614 sq ft) applies, and if the maximum of 10 units are planned, individually the floor area will be limited to 100 m2 (1,076 sq ft).

For those that aspire to develop a larger, individual dwelling, there is a valuable 12 month window until 20 May 2025 where the old regulations can still be followed. For an individual dwelling of up to 485 m2 (5,220 sq ft), time is of the essence to proceed with a Class Q application, without delay; this opportunity will disappear. Act now!

Class Q
Class Q approval granted for conversion.

“The new regulations change the whole complexion of Class Q permitted development” commented PMA director Perry Mears. “The days are numbered for larger dwellings, with the new regulations being a distinct shift to provide smaller units, but more of them. There are key changes to be considered to ensure compliance.

North Devon architects’ team, Peregrine Mears Architects can advise on the changing regulations, whether to pursue an application under the original regulations and, if so, the timing, or do the regular changes introduce fresh prospects. An experienced eye, applied with innovation, creativity. professional architectural knowledge and expertise can help you explore development and possible income diversification opportunities by using older, obsolete buildings in a fresh, modern way.

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