Glass extension

Glass is the answer to extend this lovely 1930’s house

The owners of a lovely 1930’s house in Braunton, purchased in 2022, are now able to progress with their plans to extend and enhance. PMA have obtained planning permission to add the additional space required, using an imaginative approach using glass, with great results. Introducing contrast generates impact. The original lines are distinctive and strong, making sense to take a lead here and echo this, not with a seamless match, but something that compliments visually.

A common feature of a 1930’s house is a generous plot, providing an opportunity here. The traditional layout should be seen as an option to be played with, rather than fixed. The  design style has much to applaud and enjoy; a great place to start. “There are extensions and there are extensions! We love the approach adopted here in Braunton, harmonising the very best of this between the wars home, the addition using contemporary architectural elements using glass. Embracing innovation and modernity really works here, making a statement about the clear definition of the old and the new with particularity. Our clients are delighted and inspired, now keen to make it a reality” explained architect Perry Mears.  


PMA never adopts a standard solution to even the most straightforward of projects. That first conversation is always critical; invaluable. We look to understand the building, and the clients, what attracted them to buy, and their aspirations. How to do they use the accommodation, what it lacks, their hopes and yes, dreams. What is missing, what would have the most impact; their real priorities? Clearly sustainably is key, as is cost.

Here the accommodation has been modified to suit the owners’ needs, making a significant difference, retaining flexibility for the future. A result, that won’t break the bank.

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