Class Q

What Can We Do With This?

Class Q. Some building development opportunities are easier to spot than others. Perhaps the conversion of this barn was not an obvious prospect, but Peregrine Mears Architects has just successfully obtained permission for the change of use to a dwelling. “When asked “What can we do with this? This really caught my imagination” explained architect Perry Mears. “Some people might see a rusty, crinkly tin barn. Guided by the size, and shape I immediately visualised a contemporary country home on two levels, with feature glazed gable ends. The home will certainly maximise the potential of this redundant building in what is a fabulous rural setting. A very inspiring project.”

We advised the client that this west country barn qualified for development under Class Q, which allows the conversion of agricultural buildings to dwellinghouses subject to certain conditions and limitations. Introduced in 2015, it introduced a form of permitted development designed to help ease the pressure on housing in rural areas. The history of the building is key, explained Perry Mears “The principal qualifying criteria is that the building was in agricultural use on 20 March 2013 and the building is structurally capable of conversion. But Class Q opens up exciting potential opportunities for rural homes”.

Our design responds to the constraints of the building and the site, so connecting inside and outside spaces and making the most of the rural views. The upper level is a kitchen / dining / family space at the south end accessing a garden, with a master bedroom suite and the north end complete with inset balcony. Between these elements is an double height stairwell, giving an impressive barn-like impression on entering. Two further bedrooms complete the comfortable accommodation.

Creativity and innovation are key ingredients to any property development, guiding the all-important practical approach. The expertise and experience within the Peregrine Mears Architects’ team blend the appropriate level of vision and the pragmatic, aware that the objective is to deliver a fine home, complaint with the appropriate regulations within an affordable and viable budget.

“The introduction of Class Q has opened up many exciting development prospects and we are advising various clients on a variety of individual projects throughout the west country. With planning consent approved the owners are keen to realise their plans”.

Peregrine Mears Architects