Multigenerational living

We’re featured in Attivo Life, on multigenerational living

A recent survey finds that multigenerational living in the UK could be set to triple by 2040. We were delighted to be featured in Attivo Life, in an insight into this trend, by Nicky Rampley-Clarke.

A growing trend are buildings that can be for say, grandchildren, parents and grandchildren, all together, which they can all call home. Not an unusual concept in many areas of the world, and now becoming increasingly popular now in the UK.

As North Devon architects, we were recently commissioned for a rural project, near the edge of Exmoor, which fell under the Class Q permitted development. Understanding the clients’ need, we were able to create two adjacent homes, designing precisely the accommodation needed. We were keen to enable both parts of the family to live under the same roof, yet each with separate homes, benefiting excellent convenience and the reassurance this creates, choosing when they want to spend time together. Now it’s no longer the option of just a granny flat; through the careful application of a raft of clever solutions, the design can specifically accommodate precise need, with the valuable ability to evolve over time, as these needs change.

Homes for larger families can be created by a new build, or adapting an existing building. An increasing number are now choosing multi-generational living arrangements, seeing it as a  very effective way to ‘pool resources’. There are benefits for each generation, offering parents with the reassurance of having their family close by. The middle generation too shares in this reassurance, and both can enjoy the grandchildren, as they grow. The grandchildren just enjoy everything!

Financially, by pooling financial resources, a larger property can accommodate everyone, whilst often limiting exposure to significant mortgages, sharing maintenance and overheads, these can be separate to ensure they are apportioned fairly.

Multigenerational living is developing, by building individually designed homes, extensions and imaginative modifications. This evolving trend will mean different things to different families; this is a huge appeal. The concept is exciting and will undoubtedly create some new fine individual homes.

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