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  • Commercial to residential

    Commercial property to residential use

    Whatever the ‘new norm’ brings, it is clear that our town centres are changing. Nowhere is immune to the influence and impact of the trend for out-of-town retail and leisure developments, the growth of online shopping and the ubiquitous digital environment; Covid19 is leaving its scars too. So the key is often changing commercial property…

  • Budgeting

    Budgeting is the key to success

    An architect will managing your budgeting Enthusiasm and excitement will be strong, driving your project to build a new individual dream home. However, it is essential that this does not distract your focus and respect for your finances. A budgeting must be based on realistic costs, not guesses or comments from well-meaning friends. Construction costs…

  • Self-build architect Barnstaple

    Planning your self-build project

    A self-build architect in Barnstaple is invaluable when starting to plan your self-build project is exciting and perhaps daunting. Here are a few pointers but appointing an architect to your team will ensure you have the right advice through the design, planning and build stages of your development. A few initial considerations. 1 Clarify your thoughts. Your…

  • Amanda Homes

    Making the site work! Ilfracombe

    A key part of our skills as Architects is making the most of a site, which was the challenge from our client Armada Homes SW Ltd. They asked us to look at the project afresh, in terms of design, site efficiencies and financial viability, whilst retaining focus on the homes to be created, ensuing that…

  • Treehouse

    Devon quality eco staycation project

    Recent research by Barclays Mortgages has revealed that the south west is the clear winner when people were asked where they wanted to live, with most wishing to move from London and the midlands. In truth, to those already living in the west country this comes as no surprise. The natural beauty of the Devon…

  • Barnstaple Architect

    Barnstaple architect inspired by the garden

    It was clear that our clients loved the location of this project. They’d happily lived in the ‘big house’ since 1976 and decided to move but not too far, in fact just across the garden. And this is no ordinary garden, it’s the result of over 40 years of toil and hard work by John…

  • Peregrine Mears Architect

    Barn Conversions in Devon for Holiday Complex

    Today was a wonderful day for a site visit and where better than the glorious North Devon coast where we have a substantial barn conversions project for a national client. The first phase involves refurbishing and altering a complex of 10 traditional barns, to form 15 holiday cottages. Before we can start the main part…

  • And then Mr Wright came along!

    As architects we strive to inspire. There’s no Standard Operating Procedure or RIBA module as part of our qualification but this is often the edge. Practice Director Peregrine Mears reflects on his architectural inspirations. There are many; the first was Mr Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright.

  • The Ark Ashford

    The Ark Ashford Barnstaple Shortlisted

    The Ark Ashford Barnstaple, a recently completed private house we designed and managed, has been shortlisted for the Local Authority Building Control Building Excellence Awards for the South West Region 2020!