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  • Somerset

    New sustainable home in Somerset village

    The search for the right plot for your dream home is invariably a challenging and stressful time. Our clients’ enterprise and initiative has taken a different route and now paying dividends, having seen the potential, rather than just the existing; a rather dated home.  The large level garden gives privacy, bordered by mature trees and…

  • Conservation Area

    Viable solution for commercial building refurbishment

    Barnstaple architects PMA, has obtained planning permission, enabling their client to revitalise fine commercial buildings in Newport, Barnstaple. Finding a viable solution for a future use of buildings is the lifeline for many commercial buildings, many like these, having stood empty for years. Secondary retail locations area particularly sensitive, feeling the impact of growing out-of-town…

  • Building Project

    5 things to consider when planning your project

    Your project is probably the culmination of much thought, perhaps over years. Now you’re now about to realise your dream. Peregrine Mears Architects work closely with clients to consider these things and more, helping you to realise your dream, hopefully exceeding expectations.