Petroc – Other Projects

The Study Centre & D-Block

We have had a long standing partnership with Petroc College which has enabled us to help improve a number of their other facilities too including the ‘Study Center’ and ‘D-Block’.

The Study Center required lots of internal works to uplift the spaces and create suitable working environments. The new entrance with combined cafe and sitting area provides a social space for study and relaxation.

D-Block didn’t offer much scope extend outward from the existing building so we utilised one of our key skills of finding space where there is none! We therefore proposed a second story over the existing gym, next to the sports hall.

A new steel frame structure was designed which meant minimal excavation was required, thus reducing the build time.

The old flat roof of the sports hall was replaced with a new curved roof, helping to harmonise it with the new addition whilst providing a higher performing element.

These projects clearly demonstrate how we are able to maximise the potential of buildings within their desired time frame and budget.

LOCATION: Barnstaple, Devon

STATUS: Completed