Diminishing slates

Diminishing-sized slates, a nice detail in Dorset

The rich variety of construction styles are evident throughout the UK, and a reason why so many international visitors praise the history in our buildings.

PMA has been appointed architects for this inspirational, major project for 2024, which has taken us to Dorset, working with some fabulous range of traditional stone agricultural buildings. With a long working history, it’s now time to look to the future, to ensure this history and fine selection of buildings are conserved, whilst having a useful and sustainable use for the 21st century.

A particular feature are the roofs, where diminishing-sized stone slates were used, creating a unique look which effectively diminishes with the elevation of the roof, thus the name. It’s these characteristics which add style and design quality, here used in a traditional, agricultural setting.  This detail subtly adds so much, something which looks great and a little different, but to the untrained eye, may not be immediately evident or identifiable.

Diminishing-sized slates Dorset

PMA will design and plan the removal of various modern, unsightly inferior and low spec areas sections which were added over time, with a practical farmers eye, often conveniently using cheap materials which were readily at hand. With sensitivity to the original style, the quality and style of these fine buildings will be conserved, ready for the next chapter.

An architect has an eye for detail, this being as important in a conversation project as it is in a new build scheme. Maintaining the initial buildings’ integrity sounds simple, but how will the buildings be used; buildings need to earn their keep?  Looking to the future, an the appropriate and sympathetic design of the replacement of the various inferior structures or by constructing modern additions, are needed, to enable a sustainable future.


It is interesting to see these traditional features with diminishing-sized slates sometimes incorporated into modern buildings, where a design approach allows this an attention to detail and quality, looking to create something a little different, where an enhanced budget allows. This subtle touch can be a really effective detail, adding something that is often hard to define, open to individual interpretation.

The PMA team of architects is at the initial survey stage, totally inspired with numerous creative ideas and concepts, which we are keen to discuss and evolve, with further updates as things progress.