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As architects, we can do almost anything with a home, other than move it! Interest in coastal homes continues to grow from strength to strength. For many, the ultimate item on their bucket list is to build a dream home, on the coast. The first challenge is finding the right building plot. Coast magazine looks to help.

Britain has amazingly 7,723 miles of coastline, with every mile offering something different and something special. Some people like magnificent sandy beaches or quaint, quiet coves, others rugged cliffs or the convenience of amenities of a coastal town.

Living and working by the coast, any development project in sight of the water is extra-special to our architectural team; we love them. The challenges of design and construction on the coast are different, and invariably, development within a sensitive coastal location requires a special solution.

It was great to see in the June edition of the Coast magazine that reporter Kerry Spencer has searched the length and breadth of Britain, finding some fabulous building plots; have a read here.

West country architect Perry Mears said “We look to maximise the potential of any building project. Invariably a coastal location stimulates our creative juices even more than usual. The challenges are greater; the results are invariable special and spectacular.

The Peregrine Mears Architects architectural team have traveled to all corners of Britain for  a variety of coastal developments. Distance is rarely a limitation; we just love the coast!

So, if you are looking to embark on a coastal self-build project for that, extra special home, we’d love to have a preliminary conversation with you. Tell us about your hopes and dreams, your plans and challenges. We’ll ensure your new coastal home is as unique as you, exceeding your expectations and hopefully your dreams.

So wherever you find your building plot, make sure you make the most of this rare chance. We’ll do all we can on your journey. The first step is to call us 01271 377776.

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