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We talk Class Q “Unique & Distinctive”

We were delighted to feature in the autumn edition of the Unique & Distinctive magazine, published by Barnstaple estate agents Match Property. We love barns and what they can become. Unique and distinctive homes are inspirational, a journey we love to share with those looking for their special home, whether this is purchasing an existing property but looking to enhance or tailor it to suit or a an exciting new-build project.

Read Match Property’s autumn edition of “Unique & Distinctive” magazine.

Match Property Director Nic Chbat explained “Without a doubt, the popularity of individual properties, yes those that are unique and distinctive, are creating significant interest. North Devon’s fabulous location is a real gem; discerning buyers are looking for that special home – so often hard, or indeed impossible to describe. As a buyer once said to me “I’ll know it when I see it” and this is the challenge. We embrace this; for sellers we ensure their homes are professionally marketed using great photography, using all the opportunities available through the digital world, to get to the widest possible audience. This is supported by our professional and experience approach and personal service. Estate agency is so much more that posting a photo or two on the major property portals. Buyers can be overwhelmed, lots of information and fabulous images, but how do they see the wood for the trees? Here, we listen, offer guidance and advice, ensure we understand their requirements and priorities, really helping them to find that special home. “It’s what we do!”

“We start with the now but look at what can be achieved” explained Barnstaple RIBA Chartered Architect Perry Mears. “It is often quite amazing how some exciting opportunities can be realised, which may not always be obvious, or potential buyers think are unattainable because of red tape or daunting regulations and hurdles; it can be overwhelming. We are pleased to work with Nic Chbat and Match Property, to assist their clients. Sometimes we can spot an opportunity which may enhance the marketing of a property for a seller. Buyers can be reassured of potential, which might be a game-changer – a property which, on the face of it isn’t quite right, could be that perfect dream home, with the right approach and advice.”

With a high percentage of buyers looking to buy in North Devon and the west country, currently living in various parts of the country, they lack valuable local knowledge and an architect’s professional expertise and experience. Travelling to and from North Devon is time consuming, so a local professional at their side is invaluable.

We welcome buyers to talk to discuss their plans, challenges and yes dream. If we can help, we will. We love unique and distinctive homes, why not talk to us about yours?

Perry Mears
Peregrine Mears Architects