Conversion of Former Piggery

Sometimes the humblest of rural structures can provide the basis for a truly stunning home – in this instance the building was a former piggery! The building consisted of a single rectangular box with a shallow duo pitched roof.

We sought to create a sense of style from that base by means of various architectural ideas:

• Firstly, we retained the open bay on the west side as an entrance courtyard. This provides a visual buffer between the dwelling and the landscape and also gives a sheltered external space adjoining the entrance.

• Secondly, we placed the key living spaces along the southern elevation and proposed a series of sliding glass doors to maximise views.

The size of the building and desire to avoid corridors suggested the main space being divided partially by a sunken floor with sofas around a TV and log burner. Elsewhere there is a separate snug opening onto the courtyard garden. This approach allowed bedrooms to be arranged along the east end of the building with service areas along the north side. The latter meant few window openings were introduced on the north side, which is also the only elevation visible from a nearby road.

Externally a simple palette of materials was employed – vertical timber cladding and a standing seam metal roof.