Chafcutters – Conversion of a Barn to a Dwelling

This project involved finding a way to tie in two quite different barns, a single storey linhay and a two storey cob hay barn.

Our solution was to utilise the linhay as a large open plan kitchen / dining / living space with vaulted ceiling and room divider elements, then to convert the two storey barn into 4 bedrooms, bathrooms and stairs. 

Linking these elements together is a single storey entrance with glazed facade and flat roof, to create minimal visual impact and retain the forms of the two main volumes. 

The adopted approach uses the features of the existing buildings as positives, so almost all window and door openings face onto the private courtyard garden. In this way the form of the building shields the private spaces from view from outside thus minimising impact on or from neighbours.

This project achieved full planning approval under local planning policy rather than Part Q as the curtilege was too large to allow that option. The clients wanted to include wood burning stoves with chimneys which Part Q prohibits. The result will be a fabulous home full of character.