Replacement Dwelling in an AONB

Having successfully designed and managed a replacement dwelling 3 doors down from this site, we had a good feel for the location and what it could offer. Our brief was to design replacement dwelling that is significantly larger than the bungalow it replaces, yet isn’t imposing or over bearing.

Our solution was to place most of the living space on one level, with a small first floor area on the part of the building furthest from neighbours. The overall height is no greater than the ridge of the existing bungalow as a result.

The house is entered via a stepped courtyard up from road level, (or via the garage / games room in the basement), with a single monolithic wall of grey brick leading one into the central entrance with views through a glass winter garden. On one side  of this is a large open plan principal living wing running east to west, with fully glazed facades opening onto terraces on both sides.

Bedrooms are placed in the secondary wing which runs north to south and the two wings together frame the private garden space whilst maintaining privacy from the road.

The style of the house is ‘mid-century modern’ as per out clients tastes. So a restrained palette of high quality materials helps create a sense of timeless quality.

LOCATION: Georgeham, Devon

GIA: 360sqm


CONTRACT TYPE: Direct by Client

STAGE OF INVOLVEMENT: Full Planning & Technical Design