Eco-Tourism Development, Devon Farm

Starting a new tourism enterprise is a challenge, but finding the USP of a site and allowing that to influence the design and scale of holiday accommodation is critical to a successful scheme.

In this case the combination of a secret valley on the fringes of Exmoor and the client’s desire to create a high quality, tranquil, rural retreat, led to a masterplan with three distinct elements:

1. 5 no. TeePee glamping tents in meadow

2. 3 no. underground lodges built into the hillside

3. 2 no. treetop lodges at the top of the site

As well as the accommodation, a central communal area is planned around existing lakes, this will include treatment / therapy rooms, a fire pit and food cabin. The intention is that guests are able to immerse themselves in nature and escape the modern world for a few days.


STATUS: Planning Permission granted

STAGE OF INVOLVEMENT: Project Architects & Lead Consultant