A nice surprise from happy clients for Devon Architects!

What was inside the box!

We all like to feel appreciated for what we do in our working lives. Aside from the satisfaction of a job well done, its always nice to get a genuine thank you from a satisfied client. So we were pleasantly surprised to receive a posh package today, with a wooden box inside, which revealed a lovely bottle of champagne and a heartfelt message from our clients!

It follows our gaining planning permission for the conversion of a redundant rural building in Devon. To the untrained eye it may not have looked like a promising candidate – a plain blockwork box with a shallow pitched roof. But we could see the potential. Fortunately the Local Planning Authority bought into our approach and gave what might have been a challenging project in planing terms, full planning approval. That turned an unused structure into a valuable piece of real estate.

The design we developed will allow the building to become a comfortable and spacious family home with a south facing aspect and glimpses of Dartmoor! Creating a successful design and gaining planning permission was satisfying but this unexpected show of appreciation has put a smile on our faces today!

The building as it was when we surveyed it….,
… and as it will look when converted!