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Contemporary extensions to large detached property

Woodford is a large detached house dating from the 1930’s located in a leafy suburb of Barnstaple.  The aim of the project was to replace several previous extensions with a new space that would directly engage with the garden and add a different dimension to living in the house.

Small domestic projects like this are highly personal and require a much closer working relationship than larger commercial projects.  Fundamental to this is the Architect’s ability to find out what the client really wants.  In this case the design developed over an extended period, during which it became apparent that the clients wanted something that was much more contemporary,   to    act   as   a  counterpoint   to   the   existing   house    and reflect their personalities and sense of style.

The new extension is essentially a garden pavilion, anchored to a corner of the existing house.  One corner of the extension  comprises a sliding / folding glass wall which disappears, allowing the interior and exterior spaces to merge and opening up the house to the garden.

Clerestory glazing runs around the whole perimeter of the structure allowing the wide overhanging roof to ‘float’ above the walls and bring a consistent, subtle natural light into the interior. Crisp detailing and  good quality external finishes give the project a definite identity. So much so that the new space has become the family’s favourite part of their home.

Client: Mr & Mrs Tjornelund
Status: Completed 2010
Value: £ undisclosed